Crested Gecko Care Guide

Crested Gecko Checklist

•Hatchling/Juvenile (1-15 grams): 8”Lx8”Wx12”H terrarium or 6 qt plastic tub (keep it small to learn to find/hunt for food).

•Subadult/Adult (15-80 grams): 18”Lx18”Wx24”H terrarium (or larger) or 56 qt plastic tub (or larger) or like-it large stackable drawers from the container store (will have to drill holes or add vents for ventilation for 56 qt tub or container store drawers).

•Elevated Gecko Dish (optional).
•Recommended; cork rounds/flats + plastic leaves + multiple hides + humid hide; with damp sphagnum moss).
⁃ if looking for budget friendly: mega pool noodle for an elevated hide (use hole saw to drill hole) + regular pool noodles for bridges or food ledge + coconut floor hides from Amazon + Tupperware or to-go container with hole cut in lid with damp sphagnum moss for humid hide.

•Spray bottle for misting
•Reptile water conditioner
•Calcium powder with vitamin d3
•Multiple flavors of Pangea Gecko Diet
•Paper towel for flooring
•Feeder enclosure (crickets, dubias, etc)
⁃ Necessary diet for feeders (crickets & roaches): Josh’s frogs premium gutload, carrots, potatoes, polymer water crystals for hydration.

Crested Gecko Care Guide

•Humidity: 50-80%
•Temperature (Fahrenheit): 68-78 degrees
•Diet: Various Pangea gecko diet flavors & insects [crickets, black soldier fly larvae, silkworms, dubia roaches, discoid roaches, etc.]
⁃ Adding liquid calcium [from Bugs De Lite] + calcium powder with d3 [from Sticky Tongue Farms] + Herptivite + black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) meal/powder [from Repashy] to Pangea Gecko Diet once per week is recommended).

ALWAYS use water conditioner for any water your gecko may ingest.


-Mist cage with water every other night (or however often is needed to maintain proper humidity levels).
-Change Pangea every other night for hatchlings/juveniles and twice a week for subadults/adults.
-Add calcium with d3 and Herptivite to Pangea once a week. (Adding BSFL powder is recommended).
-Change water in water dish when changing Pangea.
-Feed insects as often as you want (dust insects with calcium d3 powder once a week)